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FiberFix Ridiculously Strong Tape

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The worlds strongest tape or most flexible steel-- you take your pick.  FiberFix tape is 100 times stronger than duct tape and hardens like steel.  FiberFix uses technology similar to a medical cast with a resin material that is activated with water.    If you can wrap it in tape, you can secure it with a bond as secure as steel.  FiberFix withstands heat from -50 to 300 degrees fahrenheit.  

Size: 2"X141"

Instructions for Use:

Make sure the item to be repaired is clean and free of dust

If the item is smooth, rough the surface up with sandpaper to create a better gripping surface, then clean again

Once surface is prepared, open FiberFix package.  The material begins to cure as soon as it is exposed to air

Submerge in room temperature water for 5 minutes to activate resin

Squeeze lightly to remove excess water then roll tightly around item to be repaired

Pass over the break a minimum of 6-8 times for an extremely durable repair

FiberFix cures EXACTLY as tight as you wrap it, so wrap it very securely-- once it is cured it is almost impossible to get off as it hardens like steel

After you have used the whole roll, work the resin in with your gloved hands

As FiberFix begins to feel sticky beneath your hands, use the included vinyl to press the layers together and  smooth the resin on the surface

FiberFix will feel warm to the touch as it cures

After 5 minutes, the vinyl strip can be removed as the FiberFix continues to cure for an additional 10 minutes

Your item is now ready for use